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CBD and Congestive Heart Failure

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There are many cardiovascular diseases, and none of them should be treated carelessly, but we’ll talk here about congestive heart failure, or CHF for shortness. Doctors diagnose the failure when your heart does not do its work properly, failing either with filling itself with the blood or with pumping it through arteries. The former ailment is called diastolic CHF and the latter — the systolic one.

Heart ailments are the major health problem that takes thousands of lives yearly.

Here is a short table for better understanding of the health issue


Main Causes

Symptoms & Complications

Prophylaxis & Treatment

Heart attack

Fatigue and atony, even without the excessive physical activity

Lifestyle changes


Swollen limbs and joints

Special exercises

Various heart valves disorders

Heart rate abnormalities

Staying more active

Coronary disease

The feeling like you can’t get a lungful of air

Special diet, e.g. eating less fatty food and salt


Sudden severe coughing with the blood-colored sputum

Avoiding too much sugar, e.g. carbonated drinks, sweets, etc.

Heart muscle disease

Fainting, especially after exercising or any physical load

Consuming less coffee or tea

Innate heart ailments

Lack of focus, inability to stay alert and concentrated

Weight control


Fluid retention and extra weight

No smoking

Viral and bacterial infections

Appetite loss, sickness

Less alcohol


Chest pain

No trans fats

Alcohol, cigarettes, and drug abuse

Liver and kidney diseases

Avoiding stress and anxiety

Abnormal or irregular heartbeat, heart arrhythmia

Abnormal urination, especially at night

More walks in the fresh air


If you have any symptoms from the list above, it is vitally important to see your doctor and follow several simple rules:

  • do not stop or start taking any medicines without your doctor’s advice;
  • do not go to the gym and start exercising without professional control;
  • control your blood pressure;
  • stay calm and follow all doctor’s orders.

Some medications help people with congestive heart failure live longer and without severe complications. Cannabidiol, one of the main compounds of marijuana, is one of them, with a very promising efficacy.

Let’s See How It Works

cbd for heart failure

As you can see from our table, people develop CHF after some other malady damages the heart muscles or valves. The walls of the heart may become either too stiff, too thick, or too thin, and as a result blood with oxygen does not go where it should, causing degeneration of muscles, various organs, fainting, weakness, and oftentimes – death.

Yet we don’t have any solid evidence that CBD can treat or cure heart failure, it’s potency to prevent the disease or combat its symptoms is beyond any doubt.

To name but a few, here are some proven powers of CBD:

  • Anti-inflammatory. The fact that cannabidiol effectively combats inflammations and oxidation has been proven by solid research. Regulating immune response and alleviating oxidative stress, CBD brings relief to patients with the diseases induced by inflammations, including patients with the heart failure;
  • Anti diabetic. Cardiomyopathy can be caused by diabetes, which in its turn can be associated with inflammation. We already know that CBD treats and prevents inflammation. Moreover, scientific research shows that cannabidiol improves the health of the pancreas gland and may positively influence the glucose level in the blood;
  • Anti-hypertensive. Cannabidiol effectively lowers the blood pressure due to its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, along with the direct CBD effects on the heart. Moreover, CBD helps patients with cardiovascular problems control lipid absorption and cholesterol level, which wards off the coronary disease;
  • Antibiotic and antiviral. Viruses and microbes are the common reason for CHF. The existing clinical trials promise that in the nearest future CBD can be approved as an effective and safe anti-viral agent. The mechanisms of this power of CBD are very complex: it works in the immune system, fights inflammation, regulates ECS performance, etc. As for dangerous bacterias, medical science knows for sure that CBD kills even the most hazardous ones;
  • Antistress and anxiolytic. Except for the endocannabinoid system, CBD influences the serotonin level, which effectively alleviates stress and anxiety. CBD safely and quickly reduces the symptoms of the emotional and physical overwhelming and tension. Patients feel less worried and worn out. The physical manifestations of the anxiety and stress, such as abnormal heart rate or hypertension, also go away. These properties of CBD also help in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

As you can see, CBD hemp oil is a powerful preventive medication for congestive heart failure. It treats the underlying reasons for CHF. But what about other heart diseases? Here are some more health benefits for the cardiovascular system:

  • combating diabetes, lipid plagues, and artery blockage, CBD prevents the development of arteriosclerosis and heart attacks;
  • working as a vasorelaxant, it cures hypertension and normalizes blood flow;
  • cannabidiol treats the injuries of the artery walls and promotes cardiovascular health on the cellular level.

These are only some of the many positive cannabis effect on heart.

cbd and heart failures

CBD For Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

AFib, or atrial fibrillation, is the condition when the heart starts beating too fast and irregularly. In other words, atrial fibrillation is a severe case of arrhythmia. It occurs when our heart does not get the normal signalling and its upper and lower parts start working off-kilter. Sometimes, patients do not even notice AFib, but still it is a very dangerous heart ailment.

AF manifests itself in the shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and fainting. You’ll feel like your heart is racing out of your chest. Methods of treatment can vary from medications to the electric shock and even surgery. Atrial fibrillation commonly leads to heart failure and can be fatal. Can we take CBD for AFib?

Cannabidiol can be helpful in some cases of AFib.

As we know, and according to the clinical evidence, CBD effectively controls a normal blood pressure and wards off stress. It is also one of the best analgesics. Pain, shattered nerves, hypertension — all these can be a trigger for AF. Thus, CBD is a safe and potent prophylaxis for atrial fibrillation. Even though proper scientific research is still to be done, the existing statistics say that medical marijuana users have lower chances to develop AFib.

CBD For Heart Palpitations

Unlike atrial fibrillation, heart palpitations are usually not dangerous, though the sensations are not pleasant and feel very much like Afib. The heart is racing, the rate is irregular, everything looks like a patient has serious problems. But, in some cases the causes of these abnormalities are of a quick-fix nature, e.g. too much exercises, binge smoking, that last shot of liquor, hectic and stressful life, etc.

It is a well-known fact that weed is the best to relax your mind and muscles. Moreover, it combats inflammations and lowers blood tension, and helps people combat addictions and substance abuse. Moreover, from the above we can see that CBD improves the overall heart health. Yes, the scientists cannot give us any direct evidence that it cures HP. Yet, it removes the underlying reasons for this malady.

The Best CBD For Heart Diseases

Choosing the form and method of administration of CBD, you should remember about one key rule — talk to your doctor before starting taking any medications. Cannabis products are metabolized in the liver and may interfere with other drugs. When talking about cardiovascular health, the issue is too serious to act carelessly. This is why your healthcare provider should know about your plans to use CBD for heart ailments.

There are lots of forms of the CBD products:

  • oils;
  • edibles;
  • pills;
  • capsules;
  • vapes;
  • drinks;
  • gummies;
  • topicals;
  • tinctures, etc.

Moreover, you always can buy weed rich with CBD and make a good old joint. The result will be the same — the medicine will be delivered to your blood. Smoking weed works faster, as the pathway to the bloodstream from the lungs is shorter than from the stomach. Yet, edibles seem to have less side effects.

Final Thoughts

Heart Failure and CBD

Everyone chooses their own favorite CBD, and all forms have their ups and downs. Anyway, cannabidiol is a safe and potent medicine that may help you improve health and well-being. Any doctor will tell you the same thing — start with a smaller dose and increase it slowly, only if you feel that you need more.

Yes, CBD helps with congestive heart failures.

But you should not make it a panacea. Remember, that it can help, but it will not cure the disease and will not remove its causes completely. You will have to change your lifestyle and diet, take other medications and follow your physician’s advice. Until you use it with care, do not overdose and keep in mind the interactions with other drugs, you are on the safe side.

The best and the easiest way to purchase medical marijuana and its extracts and oils legally is to become an owner of the medical marijuana card. With the help of Dr.Weedy you can do it quickly and without any fuss. Our consultants will help you get the dr’s recommendations and explain how and where you can buy weed without breaking the law. With Dr.Weedy, it is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks!

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