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Some people believe they know everything about marijuana after reading a few articles on the internet. What can such self-confidence lead to? As a result, many people neglect consultations with doctors and independently choose some over-the-counter medications or alternative medical treatments, their treatment regimens, and dosages. One striking example is the use of cannabis products without prior visiting a physician.

Unfortunately, this can lead to misuse (the most common problem is incorrect dosage). As a result, patients don`t get the result they expected or even face unpleasant side-effects. However, it’s pretty easy to prevent such a situation: an online MMJ consultation from our certified doctors is the best option for conscious and effective cannabis treatment.

Get Rid of Side-Effects of Marijuana

Like most medicines, marijuana and its derivatives have both beneficial properties (relaxing, analgesic, anti-anxiety, and so on) and negative side effects that can greatly spoil the impression of the course of treatment. Moreover, most of these bad ones are dose-dependent — that is, they appear precisely with incorrect dosing.

Let’s take a look at the main side effects that can be experienced by a patient who misuses cannabis:

  1. Anxiety. “How can this be?” — you’d probably ask because marijuana recommendation is often provided to people with increased anxiety. These medicines oppress a habitual “fight or flight” behavior pattern at normal doses. However, in large doses, THC has the opposite effect, causing anxiety states up to paranoia.
  2. Red eyes. Some believe that red eyes appear precisely because the smoke irritates the mucous membrane. But this is not the case at all — even a small increase in THC levels can lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels, which provokes reddening of the eyes.
  3. Short-term memory loss. According to some studies, people who used recreational marijuana regularly for 5+ years had more trouble remembering information than those who never used marijuana or used it only when prescribed by a doctor. This publication and another one also claimed that consuming strains with low THC and high CBD increases the chances of avoiding this effect.
  4. Drowsiness. Of course, for those who suffer from insomnia, this effect can even be beneficial. However, if you use cannabis in the morning and are afraid to be a “vegetable” during work hours, it’s better to focus on CBD-containing strains with low THC-level.
  5. Hunger. A huge part of patients who use cannabis feel very hungry after taking it — biochemical processes stand behind this phenomenon. THC is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system, affecting the degree of release of certain hormones. One of them, leptin, is responsible for the satiety signals sent to the brain. Additionally, THC acts on receptors in the olfactory part of the brain. This means that marijuana increases your sensitivity — food just seems to taste better.

And if the last two effects are relatively harmless, then the first three are unlikely to please anyone. On the other hand, they are perfectly solved by two measures. First is the choice of the correct dosing. Secondly, the choice of strains with predominant CBD and minimal THC values.

The properties of CBD and its effect on the body are very diverse. For some, marijuana helps to relax in the evening and sleep better, but for someone, it is a great way to concentrate and increase the efficiency of the thinking process. That is why it is necessary to consult a specialist in order to choose the most useful options for the use of medical marijuana.

Finding the perfect product with the right level of CBD and figuring out the optimal dosage for your treatment is possible, but it can’t be done without the help of a qualified medical professional. Make an appointment with a licensed doctor, and forget about unwanted side effects!

California-exclusive: Grow up to 99 plants of cannabis legally

Purchasing cannabis from local dealers can be fraught with the fact that you will receive a low-quality product. They simplify the growing process and cannot guarantee the proper level of therapeutic substances. Such dealers allow saving on one purchase compared to licensed dispensaries. The latter, in turn, offer guaranteed quality, but their goods can cost a pretty penny.

If the patient’s needs increase, then an alternative balance between quality and price can be found. The solution includes growing up to 99 bushes (=getting 350 ounces) on your own— since 2016, it`s possible if you live in California!

After getting a growing recommendation, you can save up to 90% of the price and avoid going to the store in search of a quality product. The process is quite easy and legal for 21+ patients. And it also guarantees higher limits on cannabis to carry with yourself (up to 8 ounces per hand).

How to Treat My Conditions Effectively?

So, as we discussed above, improper dosing or selection of medicines with rather high levels of THC can provoke unpleasant effects. Most patients know that marijuana is relevant for anxiety disorders, pain, insomnia, and instead of going to a specialist and engaging in professional therapy, they do everything intuitively. Or they google and find basic dosages — for example, as highlighted in the “CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis“, created by L. Leinow and J. Birnbaum:

CBD Dosage





Headaches, sleep disturbances, chronic moderate pain, nausea



Moderate to severe chronic pain, inflammation, autoimmune disease, depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel



Epileptic seizures, severe chronic pain, severe illness, anxiety, depression

However, these dosages do not take into account the individual state of your body, so they can be useless for treatment if not picked up correctly.

This does not mean that you need to give up all varieties of marijuana or product that contains tetrahydrocannabinol — even preparations with CBD as the main component will still contain some percentage of THC. But in order to achieve the proper result, it’s better to contact our doctor and get a consultation.

Just Started to Use MMJ? Chat With a Doctor First!

You should not forget about the risk of overdose if you use marijuana incorrectly. This can lead to side effects like a general deterioration in the condition, arrhythmia, intellectual impairment, distraction, and other troubles. Here are some of them:

  1. Incorrect dosing of cannabis products at a young age may increase the risk of suicidal ideation and depression. Plus, improper use in adolescence and young adulthood to relieve neurological disorders can exacerbate any cognitive impairment already caused by diseases.
  2. The use of cannabis without a doctor’s prescription and prior medical marijuana consultation in the long term can affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke in the young population. The older the patients, the more the risks increase.

In addition to dosing, it is worth remembering the observance of courses. For example, doctors make sure to inform that daily use of cannabis (as opposed to 2-3 weekly courses intermittently) is more likely to develop addiction over time.

All the mentioned issues are carefully disclosed by our doctors. Their main task is to help the patient choose the product with the optimal composition, prescribe the appropriate dosage, and, of course, talk about the treatment regimen. 

Important to note that in order to have access to high-potent medical marijuana strains, a patient must undergo an MMJ evaluation. If you haven’t received a CBD recommendation from your doctor yet, you can easily apply for it via our website.

Any Questions Regarding Cannabis?

The topic of cannabis is quite broad, although the drug began to be used for medical purposes relatively recently (after a series of bans and certain law restrictions). So, it is not surprising if patients have any unusual questions or want to make sure that the prescribed therapy is completely safe.

Interested in at least one question from the list?

  •       Can a patient become addicted during cannabis treatment?
  •       What is the difference between recreational and medical cannabis?
  •       Can I get permission from a doctor to use recreational cannabis?
  •       What percentage of THC can be called harmless?
  •       Are there any side effects of CBD?

If the answer is “yes”, then it’s time to make an appointment with a doctor and get comprehensive information, as well as up-to-date recommendations for medical marijuana treatment specifically for your condition.

The Importance of Consultation for Rational Consuming

Using cannabis without prior consultation with a licensed physician can become a serious problem, leading to unpleasant side effects or even long-term deterioration. And this is the main reason not to neglect your health — be sure to visit our specialist online before starting a treatment course. Impressive results will not take long to wait!

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