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Written by Alex Patsfield on 12/31/2022.
Data Last Updated: 08/20/2023.

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Marijuana Laws in Miami

Since 2016, every Miami resident who needs medical cannabis and its derivatives can legally access the drug through a network of specialized dispensaries. This was made possible by the adoption of the Initiative to Legalize Medical Marijuana, better known as Amendment 2. In 2016, Senate Bill 8A was introduced in the state of Florida, which clearly defines the rules for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The same document regulates the process of adding patients to the list of participants in the MMJ Florida program and other bureaucratic procedures.

The Senate Bill 182, signed in 2019, further strengthened the position of supporters of medical cannabis. This regulatory act made smoking medical cannabis legal. Thanks to it, today every resident of the city of Miami, as well as other cities in the state, can legally get access to ‘’weed’’, provided that they are residents of the state, and their state of health meets the qualification conditions defined by law.

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Miami, Florida

Miami city

Despite the fact that legislative initiatives in recent years have significantly simplified the procedure for obtaining access to medical cannabis for Miami residents, the procedure itself will require some effort from the patient. This path begins with the confirmation of the pathology by a certified doctor, whose task is to assess the patient’s condition and familiarize them with the recommendations for the use of medical cannabis. The doctor is obliged not only to confirm the pathology but also to develop individual recommendations for taking cannabis, which will be optimal for a particular patient. If you are a resident of Miami, then you can get an online consultation with Dr.Weedy, thus saving a lot of time and effort. Passing a medical check within telemedicine is currently the most acceptable for residents of Florida.

After a specialist from Dr. Weedy or any other clinic identifies or confirms a pathology that meets the MMJ Florida qualification conditions, they send a recommendation to the Department of Health. After studying the application of a medical specialist, this state institution sends the data for logging in to the patient’s personal account. After that, a Miami resident who applies for a medical marijuana program must fill out and submit an application, paying a mandatory fee of $ 75. Within 21 days, the Florida Department of Health must approve the patient to participate in the MMJ Florida program and send them an e-mail notification. Once the notification has been received, the patient actually becomes a member of the program and can safely go to any dispensary in Miami to buy medical weed. A few days later, the patient will receive a physical membership card by mail, with which they can freely purchase cannabis through a network of specialized dispensaries throughout the state.

Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions

If you want to access medical cannabis sold through a network of specialty dispensaries in Miami, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria are presented below:

  • Having a diagnosis from the Department of Health’s list of qualifying conditions;
  • Having the status of a permanent or seasonal resident of the state.

The law provides for a basic list of pathologies that open access to participation in MMJ Florida and all related privileges. Every Miami resident can qualify for a patient card if they have one of the following conditions:

  • ALS;
  • Cancer;
  • HIV / AIDS;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Please note that this list is abbreviated, and if the doctor identifies you with a debilitating condition (depression, anxiety), end-stage illness, or chronic pain, then you may be legally recommended medical marijuana. It is the doctor who determines the need for the appointment of cannabis, taking into account the objective condition of the patient and taking into account the possible risks associated with the appointment of the drug. Dr. Weedy’s telemedicine specialist will confirm your pathology and prescribe medical cannabis, opening access to the MMJ Florida program.

Please note that even if you have one of the above pathologies, you will not receive a medical cannabis card unless you confirm that you live in Miami or any other city in Florida. Confirmation of residency is a mandatory procedure. You need to provide the Department with one of the following documents:

  • State ID card;
  • Driver’s license;
  • International passport;
  • Utility bill (shelf life up to 2 months);
  • A copy of the rental agreement in Miami or any other city in the state.

If you do not live in the state all year round, but only for periods, you can also become a member of the program. The only condition for obtaining the status of a seasonal resident is to stay in Miami or any other city in the state for at least 31 consecutive days annually if you have a temporary residence. In this case, you have every reason to qualify for a medical cannabis card.

420 Evaluations & Recommendation

420 Evaluations & Recommendation allows residents of Miami and other U.S. cities where medical marijuana is legal to consult with certified medical marijuana specialists online. Thanks to this initiative, you no longer need to sign up for a doctor’s appointment. Just contact Dr. Weedy and get a telemedicine consultation. An experienced marijuana doctor will confirm your pathology and begin the procedure for accepting you into the ranks of MMJ Florida participants.

Dr. Weedy is one of the easiest ways to get a medical cannabis patient card. Simply make an appointment for a consultation at a convenient time and spend 15 minutes communicating with the doctor online. This is probably one of the most acceptable options for the residents of Miami. It will please you with speed, convenience, and affordability. At the same time, every Dr. Weedy patient can be sure that the procedure is 100% compliant with the standards set by 420 Evaluations & Recommendations.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Miami

Miami Dispensaries

Miami has a very developed infrastructure for the medical cannabis industry. This is one of the most convenient cities to access medical weed through a well-developed network of certified dispensaries. If you have an MMJ Florida membership card, you have access to all dispensaries both in Miami and outside of it. If you have only recently become a member of the program and your card has not yet been delivered, you can buy medical cannabis by presenting an e-mail message from the Florida Department of Health confirming your participation.

We suggest you study the list of the most popular dispensaries in Miami:

Curaleaf (

1900 SW 192nd Street-

Miami, FL 33187

The retailer is engaged not only in the sale, but also in the cultivation of medical cannabis, which guarantees the maximum responsibility of the seller for the quality of each variety and each gram.


Liberty Health Sciences (

6827 SW 40th Street

Miami, FL 33155

A very popular dispensary in Miami, which will please you with a rich assortment and impeccable quality of the product.


Trulieve (

4020 Northwest 26th Street

Miami, FL 33142

A network of licensed dispensaries that supply the Miami market with not only a huge selection of smoking forms of cannabis, but also alternative CBD-containing products.

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