Can Marijuana Be Grown in Ohio in 2024?

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Written by Sindy Brent on 02/26/2024.
Data Last Updated: 07/22/2024.

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Ohio legalized recreational marijuana in November 2023 through a ballot initiative known as Issue 2. The new law took effect in February 2024, allowing adults 21 and over to possess and grow cannabis. However, the rules around growing marijuana in Ohio are still evolving. This article will examine the current status of home cultivation in Ohio and what we know so far about the rules and limits.

Current Law on Growing Marijuana in Ohio

  • Legal for adults 21+
  • Individuals can grow up to 6 plants
  • Households can grow up to 12 plants
  • Must be grown in a secure, enclosed space
  • Landlords can prohibit tenants from growing

These allowances for home growing were part of Issue 2 as passed by voters. However, the state legislature has the ability to modify the initiated statute. There is debate about limiting the number of plants per household. Final rules are still being worked out.

How Much Marijuana Can Be Grown in Ohio?

How Much Marijuana Can Be Grown in Ohio?

Under Issue 2 as approved by voters:

  • Individuals can legally grow up to 6 marijuana plants
  • Households can legally grow up to 12 marijuana plants

If the legislature reduces the household limit to 6 total plants, the new legal limits would be:

  • Individuals: up to 6 plants
  • Households: up to 6 plants total

A single mature marijuana plant generally yields between 1-5 ounces of cannabis. So the potential legal home grow with 6 plants per individual could yield over 1 pound annually. With a reduced household limit of 6 plants, the annual yield would be around 6-30 ounces.

Where Can Marijuana Be Grown?

Where Can Marijuana Be Grown?

Home growing must take place in an enclosed, secured space like a closet or room in your residence. Outdoor cultivation is not allowed under the law. Renters may face restrictions, as landlords can prohibit growing marijuana in their properties.

Marijuana plants need sufficient lighting, ventilation, water, and nutrients. Growers may need supplies like grow lights, tents, hydroponic systems, soil, fertilizer, fans, timers, and more. Seeds and early starter plants can be legally obtained from medical marijuana dispensaries by patients with a medical marijuana card. Once recreational sales open in other states, seeds and plants may also be obtained online or from out-of-state suppliers.

Steps for Growing Marijuana at Home:

  1. Choose a suitable enclosed space with access to electricity and water
  2. Obtain seeds or starter plants
  3. Set up proper lighting, ventilation, watering system
  4. Use nutritious soil and fertilizer
  5. Care for plants through the 3-4 month grow cycle
  6. Harvest, dry, and cure the buds

Challenges of Growing Marijuana

  • Restrictions from landlords
  • Access to seeds and starter plants
  • Cost of proper grow equipment
  • Electrical and water usage
  • Odor control
  • Time commitment for proper care
  • Risk of theft or community complaints

While now legal for medical patients and adults, home cultivation carries responsibilities. Growers should be discreet, secure their plants, and avoid nuisance odors. As Ohio’s new marijuana law evolves, there may be additional regulations on home growing.

The Future of Marijuana Cultivation in Ohio

Marijuana grown at home provides a legal option for accessing cannabis until retail sales are permitted. Dispensaries are expected to begin recreational sales sometime in 2024 after regulations are finalized. At that point, consumers will have the choice to purchase from stores or continue growing their own plants.

The rules on home cultivation may change, but marijuana can legally be grown in Ohio by authorized adults as of early 2024. With proper planning and care, cannabis can be successfully grown at home under the parameters of the new law.

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