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Affiliate Program

• You have lots of friends who could use the MMJ card;
• You are influential on social media;
• You have a website where you can post our referral link;
• You are dispensary or delivery service that sells medical marijuana to customers who need a recommendation from doctor;

Medical Marijuana Card online - Dr. Weedy Clinic


3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Get an account
Email us at and we will create a personal account for you.
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Use the link
Place it on your blog or website, or simply email it to your friends, earning commission on any sales made to customers who have clicked on that link.
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Receive Payment
Transfer the earnings to your account after the referral pays for the order. Then you can withdraw funds to your PayPal account.

GET UP TO 30% of the total sale amount


How it works

The Referral Program

  • We will provide you with a referral link for your website.
  • Place our referral link on your website.
  • Customer places an order after clicking the link, submits the special approved form and receives the doctor’s answer within 5-10 minutes.
  • After transaction the customer gets an e-mail with a digital version of the recommendation letter and is able to purchase goods in dispensaries.
  • For each customer who follows the link and makes a payment, after their transaction you will get up to 30% of commission for each referral who completes their purchase of MMJ Card/Recommendation with us.
  • All data on charges and any orders processed through your account can be tracked easily with us.
  • You can withdraw the money from your account at any time.

The Loyalty Program

For dispensaries or delivery services

  • Create your personal account in Dr. Weedy’s system.
  • In your account, purchase MMJ Cards for your customers

– The customer just fills out the form to get approval from a licensed doctor via:

  • All data on charges and any orders processed through your personal account can be tracked easily us.
  • You can withdraw the money from your account at any time.

The idea is that your purchase makes your customer feel loyal to your dispensary or delivery service and more likely to continue purchasing from you.

Additionally, you’ll get income from any renewals (up to 10% for each customer) needed in time, and you’ll have access to a database of your customers for extra sales or offers on your part.


Our partners are making at least $ 30,000 annually in referral fees!

Let’s make a great deal!

Example of Referral Program

  1. If you have an account: Sign in
  2. If you don’t have an account yet: Sign up
  3. If you have trouble accessing, you can recover your password or contact support at and we will send it to you.
  4. Copy the referral link and provide it to your friends or your subscribers.

    How to use the referral link? You can publish on your site or distribute it online. The main goal is to have as many people as possible click through it and complete payment. You receive 10% from each payment! If you have a counter offer, send it to

  5. Receive payment.
  6. Withdraw funds (minimum withdrawal $10).


  • When clicking on your link, the client makes a payment of $39 = $3.9 (10%) are your earnings.
  • In your personal account, you accumulate an amount that can be withdrawn later.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You will see the “Withdraw” button.
  • Payment is made to your PayPal account.

  Just place the Referral link where you think is best and get $$$ from Dr.Weedy. You can earn thousands a month depending on your activity.


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Further Information

Today, the medical marijuana industry is showing unprecedented momentum. In 2016, the medicinal cannabis segment became the largest in the overall retail structure of weed.

  • According to a study, the market has grown from 1.55 to 6.35 billion dollars. In proportion to market size, the number of pharmacies selling prescription medical marijuana has also increased. Statistics show that by 2023 the legal market of weed will reach 23 billion US dollars, which opens up good prospects for investors.
  • According to Fit Small Business, the initial investment in a regulated dispensary for the sale of cannabis is about 775,000 US dollars, while the annual income of one dispensary reaches 3 million dollars, of which about 1.9 million is the annual cost of servicing a point of sale.

The average sales check for a visitor to a dispensary is $ 25-50, according to Fit Small Business. Given that at the time of writing, about 55 million Americans consume marijuana, we can assess the market as promising.

At the moment, in the niche, along with the growth in demand, intensification of competition among dispensaries is recorded. New pharmacy outlets specializing in the sale of medicinal marijuana are actively opening.

At the same time, the number of cannabis producers is growing, the largest of which are Cannabis Science, Medical Marijuana, Terra Tech Corp, GrowLife and GreenGro Technologies.

Despite the positive dynamics, practice shows that only those market participants who competently and professionally approach marketing will survive in the competition.

Dr. Weedy Online Clinic opens up unlimited opportunities for dispensaries to attract solvent customers. Read more about this below.

Recreational Marijuana VS. Medicinal marijuana

The key difference between medical and recreational cannabis is the content of two psychoactive substances: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Recreational marijuana is high in THC. It is this substance that creates a feeling of euphoria, which many call the high-effect.

For those cannabis consumers who are interested in the medicinal properties of the plant, the percentage of CBD, a substance that has a pronounced healing feature and helps with a number of diseases, is much more important. For medical purposes, a high THC content is not only unnecessary but even undesirable, as it can adversely affect the patient’s mental state.

Today, several experts are observing a tendency to tighten control over the turnover of recreational marijuana, while medical cannabis is becoming more accessible and actively legalized in many countries.

If we talk about the prospects of the industry, it is precisely those companies that are focused on the production and sale of medical varieties of plants that can count on comprehensive assistance from both government bodies and public organizations and potential business partners. Therefore, investors, according to experts, it is wiser to focus on a medical rather than a recreational niche.

The legal status of marijuana with low THC content and high CBD content makes it much more accessible to a wide range of consumers. At the same time, medical cannabis can be used not only for therapeutic but also for social and recreational purposes.

Experts note that medical cannabis is subject to stricter quality and safety controls. As a rule, the product is grown in closed greenhouses with minimal use of pesticides, which cannot be said about marijuana, which is grown for sale for entertainment purposes.

Therefore, medical cannabis is a clear leader in terms of parameters such as cleanliness and safety. Naturally, this determines an increased demand for it compared to less controlled recreational marijuana.

To date, the link between the buyer and the product is a doctor who directs the patient to a specific dispensary. Therefore, at the moment, there is active competition among sellers of medical cannabis for contacts with medical institutions. For investors focused on the market for medicinal marijuana, this means that now is the perfect time to start building tunnels of sales, working closely with doctors. How to do so, below.

Dispensary & MMJ Doctors Support Platform

Today, as competition in the medical cannabis market intensifies, it is important for dispensaries to establish an effective mechanism to attract and retain customers. A convenient and profitable format of interaction is offered by Dr. Weedy’s marijuana affiliate program:

  • Stage 1 – Customer Acquisition. Dispensaries get medical advice for customers at a great discount. To do this, the website provides a convenient office affiliate program of medical marijuana with a personal account. Here you can track the dynamics of attracting new customers.
  • Stage 2 – Customer Retention. The likelihood that the customer will make a repeat purchase is quite high; according to experts, about 50%. Considering that the profitability threshold is much lower than this figure, dispensaries in the framework of the Dr.Weedy cannabis affiliate program remain positive in any case.

The website provides several types of recommendations that differ in validity (1, 3, 6, and 12 months). For example, a prescription for 1 month will cost the client $9.99. When a buyer makes a prescription, the dispensary receives a percentage of the transcription value as an additional income through the medical cannabis affiliate program.

Thus, the dispensary receives a regular customer, offering customers the full range of services – both medical prescriptions and therapeutic cannabis directly. Your customers will appreciate bonuses such as first time weed purchase discounts. With such a loyal approach, the chance that a casual buyer becomes your regular customer is high.

For owners of single dispensaries or networks and dispensaries specializing in the distribution of medical cannabis, the Dr. Weedy referral program is a real chance to survive in a competitive and fast-growing market.