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Supporting low-income individuals with cannabis aid

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Supporting low-income individuals with cannabis aid Supporting low-income individuals with cannabis aid
At Dr.Weedy, we believe that everyone deserves access to the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, regardless of their financial situation. In partnership with the non-profit organization Sweetleaf Health Equity, we are committed to helping those facing financial hardships, including veterans and individuals with serious health conditions.

Our partnership with Sweetleaf Health Equity

We are proud to partner with Sweetleaf Health Equity (former Sweetleaf Collective), an organization dedicated to providing free medical cannabis to low-income veterans and terminally ill patients. Founded in 1996, Sweetleaf is one of the oldest medical cannabis groups in the world. Over the years, it has distributed over $5 million worth of compassionate cannabis, with more than $2 million donated in 2021 alone.
Sweetleaf's mission is to ensure health equity by facilitating access to free medical cannabis for over 3,000 patients and veterans in its network. As the cannabis industry evolves, the need for support grows, and Sweetleaf continues to advocate for underserved communities. Joe Airone, the founder and director, has been a prominent activist in the Bay Area, California for over two decades. His work extends beyond cannabis, as he has also provided food for the elderly, shelter for the homeless, and even entertainment for refugees and orphans through his Humanitarian Circus.
Our collaboration with Sweetleaf Collective helps us support those in financial hardship, including veterans and patients with serious health conditions, by providing access to tested cannabis products. We are committed to continuing this important work and making a positive impact on our community.

Who we help

Our low-income assistance program focuses on individuals who are:
  • Veterans
  • Living with cancer
  • Diagnosed with HIV
  • Suffering from terminal illnesses
  • Experiencing PTSD

How to qualify

To qualify for our program, you must:
  • Provide proof of financial hardship.
  • Submit relevant medical documentation.
  • Complete a short application form.

Discounted MMJ cards for low-income residents

Dr.Weedy offers discounted MMJ cards for eligible low-income residents. The CA digital MMJ card is available for only $33. Simply provide proof of financial hardship and complete the application process on our website to receive this special price.

How to get a discounted MMJ card:

  • Prepare Your Documents: Ensure your ID and proof of financial hardship are in digital format.
  • Complete Application and Payment: Fill out the application form and make the payment. If not approved, you’ll receive a full refund.
  • Doctor’s Evaluation and Card Issuance: Doctors will conduct an online evaluation based on your data. Upon approval, your recommendation will be emailed, granting access to any medical dispensary in the state.

Free MMJ cards for low-income individuals

Dr.Weedy, in partnership with Sweetleaf Collective, offers free MMJ cards to those in financial need. You can obtain a free MMJ card by participating in our community initiative. Write a positive review about our service and include the link with your application. By referring our service to friends who pay the full card cost, you gain access to medical cannabis benefits and help us support more low-income patients.

How to get a free MMJ card:

  • Leave a Positive Review: Share your positive experience on Google Review.
  • Prepare Your Documents: Ensure you have a valid ID and proof of financial hardship in digital format.
  • Submit Free MMJ Card Application and Recommend Our Service: Fill out the brief application form. Also, provide contact details for three friends who might benefit from a medical cannabis card, helping to further our social initiative.
  • Receive Your Coupon and Order a Card for Free: Wait for feedback from our manager, who may provide a unique code for a 100% discount.
  • Use this code to place a new order on our website.
  • Doctor’s Evaluation and Card Issuance: Doctors will conduct an online evaluation. Upon approval, your recommendation will be emailed.

NOTE: The quantity of free MMJ cards is limited each month.
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