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For regular users entry threshhold is 21 yo


Higher posession limits

Carry up to 8 ounces of medical product

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Medical Marijuana laws

The law of the states in which medical marijuana is legal provides for the right of a medical professional to prescribe cannabis if the expected positive effect of the drug outweighs the likely risks. The letter of medical marijuana recommendation issued to the patient is a legal confirmation of the right of the patient in need of cannabis to use weed for medicinal purposes. To get the drug, the Medical Marijuana Program participant must contact a licensed dispensary in his/her state.

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Medical Marijuana Program

In all U.S. states, a recommendation to take medicinal cannabis in usable forms, be it dry buds or CBD oil, is issued by a certified medical professional who has official permission for this practice. Since medical cannabis finds an ever wider therapeutic use in the treatment of various pathologies, more and more doctors across the U.S. join the medical cannabis card program every year. Participation in this program opens up an opportunity for medical professionals to help the patients suffering from debilitating chronic conditions and deal with pain, depression, and other negative consequences more effectively.

Today, to get medical cannabis, every patient must consult a doctor who will either confirm or deny the need for a medical cannabis prescription. The law places independent decision-making on the need for medical weed into the hands of certified health professionals, under the condition that the doctor will be guided by the patient’s qualifying conditions and adequately assess the possible risks of taking the drug.

Against the background of constant law relaxation in this area, there is a growing interest in telemedicine – a new format of medical examination, which provides doctors with every right to prescribe medical cannabis. So now, every person suffering from debilitating chronic conditions can qualify for the medical marijuana program in his/her state from the comfort of his/her home.

Medical Marijuana laws

The law of the states in which medical marijuana is legal provides for the right of a medical professional to prescribe cannabis if the expected positive effect of the drug outweighs the likely risks. The letter of medical marijuana recommendation issued to the patient is a legal confirmation of the right of the patient in need of cannabis to use weed for medicinal purposes. To get the drug, the Medical Marijuana Program participant must contact a licensed dispensary in his/her state.

Please note that each state has its own restrictions and conditions for the purchase, use, transfer, and cultivation of medical marijuana. Despite the fact that the patient has fairly broad rights, you shouldn’t forget that cannabis is classified as a category 1 substance at the federal level and is still illegal.

Even if you’re a member of a medical cannabis program, driving under the influence of drugs will be qualified as a crime, which will be immediately followed by penalties. The same applies to the laws regulating smoking in public places.

Note that some states, such as California, are very loyal to medical and recreational cannabis, and (at the legislative level) provide opportunities for both consumption and cultivation of cannabis. In other states that are more conservative about marijuana, cultivation is allowed only to licensed companies and farms. There are also states where medical cannabis is still illegal, albeit decriminalized. These are:

More details about the specificities of the legislation of different states can be found here.

Medical Marijuana certification

How do cannabis doctors get certified?

To have the right to prescribe medical marijuana, Doctors must:

The above procedure is relevant for most states, and in some cases, may slightly differ from this algorithm.


What’s the process of Medical Marijuana certification?

The process of patient’s certification as a participant of the medical cannabis program includes the following stages:

How to find Marijuana Doctors near me?


If you need medical marijuana, the first thing you should do is find out whether weed is legal in your state. After verifying that medical cannabis is allowed in your state, get familiarized with the list of qualified pathologies for which licensed health professionals have the right to prescribe cannabis.

You can request a medical marijuana examination through Dr. Weedy. Our network has hundreds of highly qualified licensed 420 doctors across the United States. With our telemedicine capabilities, you can have an online consultation at any time convenient for you. During the appointment, the doctor will review your medical history, and, if the pathology is confirmed, you will be granted permission to participate in your state’s medical marijuana program.

Be aware that not all states permit medical and recreational cannabis. While California is characterized by maximum freedom in terms of purchase, consumption, and cultivation of medical marijuana, other states such as Texas still classify this substance as illegal. With Dr. Weedy, you can be sure that our cannabis doctors act exclusively within the framework of the law and medical ethics. Here we’ll breakdown everything you need to know about getting your medical marijuana card in California.

According to U.S. law, a certified medical expert has the right to recommend cannabis as part of the medical marijuana program. To date, most states have adapted their legislation so that the doctor can easily certify his patients who suffer from debilitating chronic conditions to participate in the program. After a successful interview with a marijuana doctor, the patient applies for a medical marijuana card to buy weed through the dispensaries legally. Thus, the final decision on whether to issue or not an MMJ card is up to the state.

Under existing law, only the specialists with the designations of M.D., D.O., and ND/NMD can certify a patient to participate in the medical marijuana program. The prescription form is issued only based on the results of the patient’s certification. But even if your pathology is confirmed and falls under list of approved conditions.



What to expect from a medical marijuana permit?

Patients who becomes a participant of the medical marijuana program in his/her state must work closely with his/her cannabis physician who prescribed them medical cannabis. The doctor’s task is to provide full informational and practical support to the patient using the drug. The physician doesn’t just issue the permission – he formulates the complete treatment plan in accordance with the rules, approved at the legislative level in the field of health.

The availability of medical marijuana program cards provides access to medicinal cannabis through certified dispensaries. The law provides enough cannabis for a single patient, but in most states exceeding the limit does not entail criminal responsibility.

To get the card:

  1. Make sure that your medical condition qualifies;
  2. Collect all necessary medical records;
  3. Contact Dr. Weedy’s cannabis-loyal physicians;
  4. Have an online interview with Dr. Weedy and obtain a recommendation;
  5. *Register on the Department’s website and wait for your Medical Marijuana card (this process usually takes 10-14 days).


You Deserve a Doctor Who Will Take Care of You

For many patients, the prospect of searching for a marijuana doctor who can prescribe cannabis can seem uncomfortable or even frightening. It can be difficult to find a health professional who can be trusted on such a delicate subject.

Dr. Weedy is pleased to offer the fastest and most comfortable way to become a participant in your state’s medical marijuana program. It’s as easy as receiving an online consultation with our specialists. After confirming your eligibility, you will quickly receive a mmj recommendation.

Today, anyone can increase their quality of life and eliminate chronic, debilitating conditions. Participate in the medical cannabis program with Dr. Weedy and buy weed throughout the country’s dispensary network.

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