Why Is CBD So Expensive?


CBD is a natural chemical compound that is found in marijuana flowers and has a beneficial therapeutic effect in a variety of pathologies. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also a part of marijuana, cannabidiol does not have a psychoactive effect, which makes it as comfortable and safe as possible for daily use.

Why is CBD so expensive?

CBD is used by modern medicine as an effective natural remedy to combat a wide range of ailments – from depression to inflammation. The chemical compound demonstrates effectiveness in the fight against insomnia. At the same time, the world Health Organization States that CBD has no side effects. A huge advantage of cannabidiol is that it does not cause any physical or psychological dependence, and can be used without risk to health.

If you read reviews about this substance, you will not find any openly negative ones. CBD really facilitates a wide range of pathological conditions. However, there is one point that many complain about. We are talking about a fairly high price of CBD. We will try to find the reasons below.

The cost of CBD

Today, in the US market, you can buy CBD in the form of oil at a price of 50-100 dollars per liquid ounce. What is the reason for such an undemocratic pricing policy? Experts note the following factors that affect the price of the product:

  • High demand with limited supply in the market. Due to the fact that cannabis has long been illegal in the United States, the legal industry did not have time to develop to the extent that would allow meeting the existing demand.
  • No recommendations from the Ministry of agriculture on growing cannabis. Unresolved procedural issues slow down the development of the industry.
  • Features of CBD extraction technology from marijuana. To date, it is the process of extracting CBD from the raw mass that is the weakest link in the entire production chain.

In addition, the price is affected by low competition, as well as the pricing policy of a particular manufacturer.

What will happen to the price?

Experts say that over time, the cost of CBD will fall significantly. That’s why the farmers who were engaged in the cultivation of tobacco gradually moved on to cannabis cultivation. During the development of the industry, the cost of production of CBD will also decrease, so we should expect the democratization of pricing policy. Innovations are also being actively introduced into the industry, so the prospects are clearly favorable.cbd oil


Cheap CBD oil: is it safe?

Too low price for CBD-containing drugs indicates that either the substance content is minimal, or it is absent there at all. For example, it is forbidden to sell products containing CBD on Amazon, but you can find thousands of offers marked with CBD in the search. It is clear that products that are signed as CBD-containing, in this case, only mislead customers.

There is also a lot of “dirty” CBD on the market. “Dirty” CBD is a product obtained from hemp grown on soil containing metals, pesticides, and herbicides. As a rule, such CBD is supplied from China, and its price is lower than usual. However, the use of such a drug is not recommended due to possible side effects.


Today, the price of high-quality CBD oil is quite high. The main reason is a limited supply, which creates a deficit and provokes price growth. All other factors, such as imperfect extraction technology and the time buffer needed to convert farms to this crop, only make the situation worse. However, we should expect a significant reduction in the price in the near future due to the balance of supply and demand.

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