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How To Get a Weed Card in California online

How To Get Weed Card California online

What’s So Special About California Medical Marijuana?

A California MMJ card is a wondrous thing. Not only does it get you weed, it gains you entry into the complex world of California cannabis. The medical cannabis industry in California has specialized and diversified. There are so many different cannabis products, each specially formulated to treat different symptoms or create different effects. You can try different formulations until you find one that works for you. Medical marijuana in California is much more than just marijuana. You can get gummies and hard candies in any flavor, infused with cannabis to treat your anxiety or pain. In California, cannabis isn’t just for potheads. It’s for people who strive for wellness the way that only Californians can.

Are You Ready to Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Yes, recreational weed is legal in California. If you are a medical cannabis user, though, you don’t just want weed. Cannabis isn’t just for fun. You might even hate the smell of weed. You might despise the tedium of stinky basements full of giggling potheads. California medical marijuana is serious business. As with almost any serious business, an increasing number of business transactions take place online. At Dr. Weedy, you can even apply online for a medical cannabis card in California. We will send you a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis in just two days from Dr. Weedy.

How to Get a Weed Card in California

The first step to getting a medical cannabis card is to get a doctor’s recommendation. It’s a bit like getting a doctor’s note to excuse you from gym class; it is not a formal prescription. The doctor has to review your medical records and verify that you have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition. These are some examples of qualifying conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine

Some of those qualifying conditions are catastrophic illnesses, but some are not. If you need medical cannabis, you have probably already been diagnosed at some point with a qualifying condition.

The best news of all is that you can apply online for a doctor’s recommendation for a medical cannabis card. The best place to get a recommendation is Dr. Weedy. Our licensed physicians will review your application quickly, and we will discreetly send you a recommendation.