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The Story of Dack T.

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For several years now I’ve had a positive HIV status, which is of course fraught with certain difficulties in terms of finding work and disclosing to people. After I found out my diagnosis, I spent a long time at home by myself, disappearing into my depressive thoughts for days. In the beginning, I even felt uneasy about telling my friends, so in just a few weeks I lost almost all contact with them.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to somehow get out of the depths of depression. The course of treatment my doctors prescribed for me included a wide range of various drugs. I began to spend my days absorbing endless pills and trying to get myself together again. I found a job that allowed me enough personal time to spend on treating and relieving various symptoms of the disease, but over time it became harder for me to sleep, I began to experience increased stress, and I constantly felt tired.

During a routine check up with my doctor, we discussed future treatment options, and I was advised to supplement my treatment with marijuana. I’d never tried any drugs whatsoever in my entire life, so I started by doing a lot of research. I was very interested in the government support available for a medical marijuana program in the state of California and decided to get a program member card.

A quick Internet search brought me to Dr. Weedy, where I was able to apply for a card that would facilitate easy and legal purchase of medical marijuana. Within half an hour, a qualified doctor approved my application and I received a notification that a couple of days later the card would be with me.

Thanks to the site, now I am successfully coping with my disease – medical marijuana has a positive effect on my symptoms, it’s been easier for me to relax, and I also began to see my friends again, my social life returning to normal.

I would recommend Dr. Weedy to anyone – it’s so fast and reliable and helpful.

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