The Story of Steve M.


Four years ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, so for two years I practically fell out of life – I underwent several operations and chemotherapy courses, after which I lay for weeks at home under droppers and just looking at the ceiling.

It was very hard to get out of bed, so I was constantly trying to occupy myself with something until it was necessary to go to the hospital again. After two years of treatment, the cancer went into remission stage and it became much easier for me – I started seeing people again, found work at home, and became functional again. However, due to several heavy chemotherapy sessions, I was very weak, could faint on a hot day, barely getting out on the porch of the house.

So a year and a half went by and I was still at home, rarely going out with friends or walking around the city – I was accompanied by nausea and chronic fatigue everywhere, sometimes I had to share even a short walk into several stages – to the nearest bench, sit for a half of hour and continue.

In the end, I became interested in the Medical Marijuana program in California, and found the site of the Dr.Weedy online service. After a few minutes of a short and simple registration process on the site, I received a notification in the mail that I was now an official member of the medical marijuana program, and a plastic MMJ ID card would arrive by mail in a few days.

Thanks to the ID card, I was able to access additional treatment for the effects of cancer with marijuana, and my lifestyle has become much more measured. A few weeks later, I was able to overcome the residual symptoms after chemotherapy – nausea, weakness, poor appetite. And the sleep has become much calmer – I can finally rest in order to gain strength before the new day.

I recommend to all the services of the Dr.Weedy online service – this is a great chance to get access to medicinal cannabis, and it is quite easy to recover from it even after the most serious diseases.



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