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You might call it the stoner’s dilemma, but lack of access to a medical cannabis doctor is no laughing matter. The stoner’s dilemma is more like, “I have the munchies, and the snacks are in the kitchen, but the couch is so comfortable!” If only cannabis can help you manage a chronic health problem like…

It seems that the United States is becoming more lenient with its cannabis laws. Eight states allow recreational use of cannabis, and many other states allow medical use. If you think you are living in the 420-friendliest era ever, though, you are too young. The story of the legalization of weed begins with the criminalization of weed. Yes,…

Marijuana has been legal in California for medicinal use for over a decade. With the new laws taking effect, however, cannabis is now considered legal for recreational purposes. Here is what you need to know about the new California medical marijuana laws:
When Did California Legalize Medical Cannabis?

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