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You might call it the stoner’s dilemma, but lack of access to a medical cannabis doctor is no laughing matter. The stoner’s dilemma is more like, “I have the munchies, and the snacks are in the kitchen, but the couch is so comfortable!” If only cannabis can help you manage a chronic health problem like…

Modern days, hemp is strongly associated with marijuana or cannabis – narcotic psychoactive substances. However, traditional healers used and continue to use hemp exclusively for pain relief and treatment of ailments. Hemp tincture is a medicine with great medical potential. It can be used to relieve pain and treat a large number of different diseases….

What about the laws? Following the rules, while traveling with pot Crossing the borders while traveling with edibles Crossing the air borders within the US states Traveling with marihuana by vehicle What are the risks while traveling with marijuana? Conclusion There is no one in the whole world that hasn’t heard about marijuana or, probably,…

Edible medical cannabis is a great alternative to smoking weed. This term hides a number of products that can be eaten or drunk. At the same time, any such product contains cannabinoid extracts that have exactly the same effect as a weed cigarette. At the moment there are many varieties of food containing medical cannabis….

With Prop 64, also known as the Adult Use of Medical Marijuana Act, the use of cannabis products has become legal. However, if you use cannabis for medical reasons, keep your medical marijuana card in San Diego and know how to get one with Dr. Weedy. Why Keep Your Card? While anyone over the age…

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