Medicinal Cannabis – An Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Chuanhai Cao stated that MMJ treatment showed good results in decreasing of the level of peptide amyloid beta – the necessary proteins that help to process clear neuro signals in brain to decrease the progress of Alzheimer. So he proclaims that THC treatment will be a real cure for Alzheimer’s sufferers in future.

The Alzheimer’s disease is one of the wide-spread diagnoses of cognitive malfunction that has a destroyable influence on the whole human personality. It causes memory lacunas and cognitive disorders and in perspective it ruins personality coming to vegetative state. Its first symptoms are not scary at all – just some difficulties in remembering things but while progressing the brain axons and cells become more and more injured so it leads to full mental disorder and death in the end.

Main Symptomatic of Alzheimer


  • Increasing forgetfulness – a man can’t remember the sense of conversation, appointments or what has happened yesterday.
  • Repeating questions or statements.
  • A person can get lost in familiar circumstances.
  • Forgetfulness of evident things – names, persons.
  • Forgetting the simplest words.
  • Apathy to everything.
  • Possible delusions.
  • Troubles with sleeping.
  • Aggressiveness increases.

So the main feature that makes Alzheimer’s disease horrible is the fact that the person you knew for years disappears. Main treatment recommended for Alzheimer cure are: Truvada, Prezista, Norvir and Atripla. They have lots of side effects that can be dangerous for a man.

The list of negative consequences for Truvada includes kidney diseases, low libido, feeling of tiredness, depression, insomnia and even skin diseases. There are some doctor’s reviews about curing Alzheimer with the help of medicinal cannabis.

Dr. Chuanhai Cao called THC and CBD containing meds a real treatment with wide perspectives for Alzheimer. Dr. L.M. Eubanks compared the THC cure and other prescribed meds for Alzheimer’s disease and noted that THC is really an effective inhibitor of damages in brain cells that lead to Alzheimer. Taking an example of a real patient, who has progressive Alzheimer.

For 2 years she was given prescribed meds and has no positive effect but diarrhea and seizures despite it. But, after treating THC she became more interactive, showed progress in cognitive functions and even returned her sense of humour.

So her family doctor proved he is amazed with brilliant results of such a therapy. That’s an opportunity both for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their caregivers to get legal permission for MMJ meds. Just fill in the form online and get the doctor’s evaluations and recipe to get medical marijuana in one day.