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How Can I Get Medical Cannabis if There are no Medical Marijuana Doctors near me?

How Can I Get Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) near me

You might call it the stoner’s dilemma, but lack of access to a medical cannabis doctor is no laughing matter. The stoner’s dilemma is more like, “I have the munchies, and the snacks are in the kitchen, but the couch is so comfortable!” If only cannabis can help you manage a chronic health problem like anxiety or chronic pain, you need a compassionate doctor. If you live in a 420-friendly state like California, then it is easy to find MMJ doctors near me. If you don’t, then do not despair. The Internet is as good a friend to medical cannabis patients as it is to lonely nerds.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors Online

The most challenging part of applying for a medical cannabis card is getting a doctor’s recommendation. (No, Texas, it’s not a prescription. It’s a recommendation, and that’s all you need. It is not legal in the United States for doctors to prescribe cannabis.) The challenge, it would seem, is finding 420 doctors near me. Of course, thanks to the Internet, the whole world is near you. If you have a smartphone, then the whole world is in your pocket. You probably haven’t heard the term “global village” since 1996, but this is what it means.

You can just send your application form to an MMJ doctor online. The doctor will review it and email you a recommendation for medical cannabis. Then the rest is easy.

What Does the Medical Cannabis Doctor Want to Know?

When you request a recommendation for medical cannabis, you will be asked about qualifying conditions. These are conditions that you can legally use medical cannabis to treat.  Here are some examples of qualifying conditions:

  • Chronic pain, such as that caused by migraine or fibromyalgia
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic nausea, such as that caused by cancer or HIV-related diseases and their treatments

Doctors Weedy who recommend patients for medical cannabis cards want to help. You have nothing to lose by applying for a medical cannabis card online.