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Weed Grower Starter Pack

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Written by Sindy Brent on August 1, 2021

Fact checked by Stefan Roberts

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These days, when medicinal cannabis is being accepted and legalized all over the United States and gaining in popularity among regular marijuana users, growing weed at home is the best choice.

In this article we’d like to tell you how to choose the best weed grower starter pack:

  • for a couple of marijuana plants at home without spending a fortune on it (budget up to 350 USD);
  • if you are ready to invest some money, but not all of them (budget up to 800 USD);
  • for getting the best of all no matter how much it costs.

You’ll find the links in the text to follow and buy all you need. However, if you read the article till the end you’ll have a chance to compare all the variants and make the right and deliberate choice.

Free Weed At Home?

Nope, it cannot be totally free, but let’s see the cheapest variants. So, you’ll need:

  • seeds — as we are talking about medical cannabis, we need to look for a CBD-high strain. You can buy 3 seeds for only 20-30$ here;
  • a grow kit — even if you are a beginner, you better choose this option and look for a kit that includes at least the tent, lights and ventilation. One of the best examples for the most affordable price of ~270$ is this one. It perfectly fits the task to try your hands at growing a couple of weed plants at low costs;
  • as our grow kit does not have it, you’ll need 5 gallon grow bags and 3 bags of soil, all for ~42 bucks.

This is it! You’ve spent something about 350 US dollars and now you can grow weed at home!

What If I Have Some Money?

For those who are ready to invest some money in growing weed indoors, there are more expensive yet better solutions:

  • ACDC medical weed seeds, 5 for 59$;
  • and a complete marijuana grow kit, such as the 4×4 complete grow box from the HTG Supply unit for 6 large marijuana plants for ~700USD. It has all you need — the pots and the soil are included, along with the thermometer, hydrometer, outlets, fans, lights, etc.

As you see, this variant will cost you from over 600$ to 800$, depending on the available discounts. The advantages of investing a little more money are obvious, you have 6 plants instead of 3, and you have all you need in one kit.

Unlimited Budget

In case you want to grow some weed at home but do not need any bother, you should choose the automated grow cabinets. Such devices perfectly fit any interior and take care about your plants themselves during the entire growing and flowering process. Having all necessary sensors, the grow cabinets will add water, turn off or on the lights, filter the air, and do all to make your weed happy and your crop heavy.

The best representatives of the family of fully automated weed grow cabinets are Grobo Solid and Grobo Premium by GROBO and Deluxe Smart Grow Closet by SUPERCLOSET. They come each with its own app that will allow you to control the growing process via your phone. And all you need is to install the cabinet, add seeds and water, and that’s it, harvest pot in 6-8 weeks!

Obviously, you’ll want to grow the best medical marijuana strain, which will also cost more than the previous ones. For example, CBD Critical Mass marijuana has the best proportion of THC and CBD and gives you the feeling of relaxation yet focus and awakeness. 5 seeds cost up to 80 US dollars, while the grow cabinets start from 2000$ and can be twice more expensive, depending on the additional accessories and options you’d like to add.

If you want to start growing weed at home legally, get a growing recommendation now — click here

See The Difference

Now let’s compare all the products we’ve reviewed here.


Doctor Seedsman CBD, 3 seeds in a pack:

  • 29$
  • CBD 20%, THC <1%;
  • Yield 400g/m².

ACDC CBD medical weed, 5 seeds in a pack:

  • 59$
  • CBD 15%, THC 2%
  • Yield 650g/m².

CBD Critical Mass seeds, 10 in a pack:

  • 80 USD;
  • CBD=THC=8%;
  • Yield up to 1000 g per plant.

Grow Boxes

TopoGrow 2’x2′ Grow Tent:

  • ~270 USD;
  • up to 3 plants;
  • ~300 grams of weed per grow;
  • needs maintenance;
  • does not include grow bags, soil, or watering system.

4*4 grow kit from HTG:

  • 600-800 USD;
  • up to 6 plants;
  • 600-800 grams per grow;
  • needs maintenance;
  • includes pots, soil and plant nutrients.

Grobo grow cabinet:

  • ~2000 USD;
  • one plant only;
  • fully automated;
  • uses hydroponic system;
  • 85 grams of high-quality weed per grow.


  • 2200 USD and higher;
  • up to 16 plants;
  • fully automated;
  • you can choose between traditional soil and hydroponic system;
  • the yield depends on how many plants you choose, yet you have maximum from each plant.

Lights And Soil

Commonly, the grow kits come with the lights, and the seller/manufacturer suggests the most efficient solution for the exact size and growing capacity of the device. However, you can choose more powerful lights if you want to get more from your seeds. Usually, the calculation is 1 gram for each watt. Still, we advise that you choose the option recommended by the seller.

Choosing between the traditional soil and hydroponic system, the best option is the latter one. Yet it is more expensive, it’s much better for a beginner as with this system all you need is to plant a seed and wait. However, there are lots of users who will not agree with this statement, preferring to grow weed in a traditional way.



Growing weed at home has lots of advantages over buying it in a dispensary. This way, you know exactly what you get, your pot is right at your fingertips, and despite all the expenses, home-grown weed is cheaper. No matter what budget you have, if you like the idea, you can easily become a grower and benefit from having your own high-quality marijuana raised by your own hands.








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