MMJ Grower’s Cultivation License in Richmond (CA)

Our patients don't pay until they're approved.

Our 420 Evaluation package includes:
- Recommendation authorized by a CA licensed physician
- 12-month medical marijuana recommendation with embossed gold seal
- Privacy of your personal data through our system compliant with HIPAA
- 24/7 Online Verification

Medical Marijuana Card online - Dr. Weedy Clinic

How to get MMJ Growers Recommendation in Richmond, CA i

3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Make Order
Choose your recommendation from
the Pricing details

Fill out the online questionary and
send it to the doctor
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Get Approval & Pay
Wait 420 seconds for the doctor evaluation

Pay for the doctor's recommendation by the link in the letter
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Receive MMJ Card
Receive the digital copy of your MMJ card to the email

Hard copy will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
Best advice
9 out of 10 patients would recommend us to friends and family. And be sure to choose our clinic again.
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
100% guarantee of money back
You pay only if you are approved
After approval, you will receive an
invoice for payment - this has to
be written in process of order
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
All strictly confidential
We use non-marijuana address labeling to ensure client privacy
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
Access to grow 99 plant
Grow as much as you need for personal use in Richmond (CA)


Mary V.
I live with my grandmother, and she is already at a very respectable age - she is 88 years old. She has Parkinson's disease and therefore she almost cannot be alone without permanent care. In addition, because of such an elderly age, she has many other health problems - starting with chronic pain in the joints and ending with poor eyesight. Previously, I had to spend... Read more
Dack T.
For several years now I have had a positive HIV status, which, of course, is fraught with certain difficulties in finding work and in contacting people. Found out my diagnosis, I spent a long time at home, alone with myself, disappearing in my depressive thoughts for days. In the beginning, I even felt uneasy about telling my problem to my friends, so in just a few weeks I lost almost all contact with them. In the end, I realized that... Read more
Steve M.
Four years ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, so for two years I practically fell out of life - I underwent several operations and chemotherapy courses, after which I lay for weeks at home under droppers and just looking at the ceiling... Read more
Already 10 000+
Patients I gave MMJ
Benefits of getting
MMJ Card online

Benefits of getting MMJ
Grower’s cultivation License in Richmond (CA)

  • Grow as much as you need. But no more than 99 plants
  • 18 and old can acquire medical cannabis growing license
  • Accepted by all California cities
  • The doctor is always available and ready to help. Becoming a patient, you can always come to the doctor at the reception


Richmond (CA)


  1. Obtain a Medical Marijuana card and Grower’s License from Dr.Weedy.
  2. Find the right seeds to grow the best medical marijuana for your condition. Medical marijuana sativa strains are stimulants, and the Indica strains are for pain management and relieving mobility issues.
  3. Germinate seeds in a cup of warm water or damp paper towel. Place them in the dark place until the root begins to grow. That’s when it’s time to put it in the soil.
  4. Plant seeds with the roots facing down into unfertilized soil and add a small amount of water. Light and sunlight are all it will need to begin the growing process.
  5. Move the potted soil to a location with significant sun light. Cannabis plants need a minimum of six hours of sunlight a day. Use a high – pressure sodium bulb for indoor plants.
  6. Place plants in an environmental with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Repot the plant in a bigger pot after a few weeks and add organic fertilizer to ensure that it’s receiving the right amount of nutrients.
  8. Touch the soil to check for dryness. Water the plant whenever it feels dry.
  9. Dispose of any male plants because they will not produce any.
  10. Wait eight to 16 weeks before harvesting plants. Most plants are ready when the trichomes on the buds display milky and amber features. Use a loop or magnifying glass to check the plant.
  11. Cut mature plants at the center of the stem just above the soil, remove leaves, make sure the plant is not flowering, and hang it upside down for about a week so it can dry.
  12. Trim the buds once the stem has dried to finish the process.



All our services comply with applicable California Law. Recommendations are approved by California Licensed Doctors. Our TeleHealth services comply with the Medical Board of California.

You can always prove they are legal for MMJ. All our clients’ documents, doctors’ licenses and MMJ-ID Cards can be verified 24/7 online.

Under the law, you may not sell or give away Medical Marijuana, nor may you possess it with the intent to sell it. Additionally you may not smoke Medical Marijuana in any place where smoking is prohibited by law, in or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a residence, on a school bus, while in a motor vehicle that is being operated, while operating a boat.

No, you must receive your certification from a New York registered practitioner.

California state law doesn't require an embossed seal on a physician's recommendation, meaning that an email copy can be used. However, dispensaries are not obliged to accept copies and some may require the original, so it is best to first check with your dispensary of choice. Delivery services tend to accept e-documents readily and don't normally require a hard copy.

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