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Dr.Weedy Cannabis User Survey
Why do you use cannabis? (choose all that apply)
What challenges, issues, or desires do you encounter in your cannabis usage journey? (choose all that apply)
How are you currently addressing these challenges?
Do you currently use any cannabis-related services or applications?
What do you find lacking in your current solution or approach?
What tools or services would be beneficial to you in addressing these challenges? (Select all that apply)
How do you and your friends determine the right dosage for cannabis use?
Who do you believe should provide advice on cannabis dosage?
How do you and your friends choose a specific cannabis product?
How do you envision the ideal cannabis product selection process?
Do you trust the opinion or advice of a budtender when selecting a cannabis product and dosage?
If you were dissatisfied with a budtender's advice, would you seek alternative advice?
Do you follow any cannabis-friendly bloggers or influencers on social networks?
Do you regularly read any cannabis industry magazines or publications?
Have you ever attended cannabis-themed exhibitions or events?
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