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Can CBD Prolong Sex in Men?

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The idea of using cannabidiol to improve health has become more and more popular from year to year; and users can already choose that type of product that suits their needs: CBD oil, massage lotion, lubricant, oral spray, etc. These products work equally well for physical and mental diseases. But one key question remains unanswered: does CBD make you last longer and can it improve your sex life?

CBD and sex drive in men

prolong sex

First and foremost, CBD is appealing for its ability to eliminate chronic pain from many diseases. Lack of pain allows partners to increase their natural sex drive and get more pleasure. At the same time, cannabidiol intake in moderate doses can enhance pleasure, reduce stress, and create an inviting mood.

For this reason, CBD shows promise in the fight against premature ejaculation. Regardless of whether this problem is acquired or congenital, it has a psychological background (for instance, anxiety disorders) or physical reasons (low testosterone, problems with blood vessels, or side effects of drugs). Ejaculation is controlled in the spinal cord in the lumbar region and in the brain, exactly in the left inferior frontal gyrus. Studies have shown that serotonin plays a critical role here; its production is significantly activated and better perceived by receptors when CBD is taken.

According to research conducted by Danilo De Gregorio, its enough to take cannabinoid for 7 days to normalize serotonin levels and its natural production.

Effects of CBD on blood flow and duration of intercourse

Using CBD as a lubricant is a popular and effective way to enhance sex. According to Alex Capano, the chief science officer of Ananda Hemp, numerous receptors of the endocannabinoid system are present in human reproductive organs. Thus, when using CBD in any form, the following happens:

  • improved blood flow in tissues;
  • increased sensitivity of the genitals;
  • the development of natural lubrication by the body;
  • prolonged sexual intercourse by an average of 31%.

Another important observation is the ability of CBD to create a more romantic, sexfriendly atmosphere. We know that this substance has no psychoactive effect but the point is that CBD oil or another type of CBDinfused product boosts the natural production of a neurotransmitter called anandamide and thus improves your mood by reducing stress, including performance anxiety. Closely associated with endorphin and oxytocinthe hormones that the human body naturally produces, the anandamide provides a feeling of bliss and therefore enhances the sexual experience.

Often women complain that they feel pain during intimacy. In this case, they are especially encouraged to try CBD as a lubricant. There are recommendations to apply a small amount of oil to the female genitals to improve blood flow, suppress inflammation, and increase blood serotonin levels for making intercourse more enjoyable and orgasms more intense. By the way, thanks to this useful property of cannabidiol, it is used successfully by women during menopause, when they especially acutely suffer from a lack of natural lubrication.

About potential side effects of CBD

To negate side effects it is important to read labels and pick out the right product. Hemp and marijuana belong to the one plant family. Their key difference is in the content of THC. Hemp is considered legal if it contains up to 0.3% THC, while the content of THC in marijuana can be much higher.


There are a few key rules you should follow to use CBD effectively:

  1. 1. Use the product in advance. Remember, CBD does not start to work the minute you apply it. Whether it’s a lubricant or some type of oral product, try to use the product half an hour or an hour before intercourse.
  2. 2. Choose your dosage. Every person and every body is unique, so there is no single recommendation. Start with the lowest dose and slowly increase it for several days in a row. If you see more benefitcontinue, if you feel worsego back to the previous dosage. Important: dont apply more CBD oil to the penis than necessary. An excessive amount of the product can have the opposite effectdull sensitivity.
  3. 3. Dont use latex. CBD oil is an oilbased product. This means that it is not compatible with latex contraception. The problem is that the oil can cause the condom to break.

Should you try CBD oil for a better sex life?

cbd oil

While its extremely difficult to estimate exactly how many people use CBD products to improve their sex life, many users see significant benefits for themselves. One such attempt was made by Remedy Review that launched a survey on its educational website. The results showed that 9.3 percent of Americans used cannabidiol for sex. Most of the survey participants added that they not only feel enhanced sexual performance but also experience brighter orgasms.

On the other hand, Dr Jordan Tishler, president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists, points out that until now there hasnt been enough research done on CBD’s influence on sexuality and the success of its topical application. The product contributes to partners with homosexual and heterosexual orientation, therefore, in general, it improves sex. There is already a proven efficacy for sleep disorders, Huntington’s chorea, depression, and chronic pain. But if we are talking about the treatment of various diseases and disorders in the genital area, then there is no evidence base for the effectiveness of CBD.

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