How to get a free Medical Marijuana Card?

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Written by Alex Patsfield on 03/28/2023.
Data Last Updated: 05/30/2024.

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free mmj card

If you are unable to afford the cost of obtaining an MMJ card, there is good news for you – Dr.Weedy online service provides an opportunity to receive a Medical Weed Card for free through their referral program.

So, you’re interested in obtaining a free Medical Cannabis Card?

Our company offers a flexible referral program to all registered users. This program not only allows you to obtain a free Medical Weed Card but also gives you the chance to earn real money!

To understand how the referral program works, let’s take a closer look at the process.

Obtaining a Free Medical Card

1) Start by registering Dr.Weedy’s website and accessing your personal account page. In your personal account, you will find a referral link that you can share with friends who plan to obtain an MMJ card in the nearest future.

Obtaining a Free Medical Card 

2) Share this referral link with your friends. When your friend uses your link to place an order with Dr.Weedy, you will receive a 10% commission credited to your personal account. What’s great is that your commission doesn’t decrease over time. If your friend renews their order annually, you will continue to receive benefits from each of their orders. Additionally, if you recommend us to a dispensary, you can earn 5% from each client of the dispensary who enrolls in the MMJ program using Dr.Weedy’s services. The more referrals obtain the card through your link, the more money you will earn.

Get a Free Medical Card

3) Once you have accumulated enough funds in your personal account to cover the cost of a Medical Card, you can exchange it and obtain one immediately. 

Save with Discounts and Coupons

In addition to our referral program, Dr. Weedy offers various discounts and coupons to help you save even more on your orders and obtain your Medical Weed Card at a more affordable rate. You can find these discounts and coupons on our website:

If you wish to combine or use a coupon while also utilizing the balance from your referral program account, please reach out to our support service for assistance.

Free or Discounted Cards for Eligible Categories

If you are a veteran or have a low income, you may qualify for a free recommendation through the charities supported by Dr.Weedy. To learn more about how to apply for a free medical marijuana card for veterans and low-income individuals, please visit the following page:

How to Earn Money with Dr.Weedy?

If you have your own website or a significant following on social media, you can publish your referral link online. Anyone who registers through your link will contribute 10% of their payment for obtaining a recommendation or an MMJ card to your account. By attracting more readers, viewers, or subscribers, you can earn a substantial income that can be used not only for obtaining your own Medical Marijuana Card online for free, but also for other services listed on the website. Utilize your advertising skills to spread the word about the project, and with the referral program, you can maximize your earnings!

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  • Willie Williams 01/02/2024 14:16:25
    I live in tampa.and I had a heart attack, sciatic nerve damage,in my neck and lower back and my lower legs get numb,I have glaucoma,..the electric company I was working for told me I was a liability to the company...if i get in the bucket or if im on the digger constantly looking up and it makes the blood rush the my head and it cause dizziness and light headiness.
  • Teresa Rodriguez 12/23/2023 14:32:18
    I live in Katy Tx I want to have a card to Purchase cannabis I have been in pain management up to past October last injection hurt me I need to try cannabis for pain , degenerative disc I have had surgery already I have arthritis so bad shoulder surgery and knee so chronic pain help me I need help for free card as I am on appeal with Ssi
  • Mary Ellen Prescott 05/24/2023 06:01:04
    Hello, I'm requesting a free medical marijuana card please and thank you!
  • Frank 05/11/2023 12:31:37
    trying to get a free medical marijuana card.i can't afford the costs
  • Harry 04/21/2023 05:53:42
    Stumbled upon this article and wow, it's a game changer! I didn't know there were ways to get a free medical marijuana card. It's awesome that this info is out there for people who really need it but might be struggling financially. Just wondering, do you think the requirements for a free card will change over time as more states legalize medical marijuana?
  • Jack 04/21/2023 05:52:42
    Hey, just came across this article and it's super helpful! I had no idea there were options to get a free medical marijuana card. It's great to know that people with financial constraints can still access this important medicine. I'm curious, though, if this process is the same in every state or if there are specific states where it's easier to obtain a free card? Thanks for sharing this valuable info, Dr. Weedy! Keep up the good work!
  • Lilhodges69 03/25/2023 14:57:12
    I'm single mom and looking for a place to live in my paychecks are only $100 a week so yeah and I'm on probation and my judges ordered me not to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol but marijuana is the only thing that helps with my hands that have chronic pain swelling numbness in my back I have migraines I'm depressed all the time anxiety you name it so I really need this because if I don't get it I would end up in jail for smoking something that's legal
  • Marsha Williams 03/08/2023 06:50:44
    I have a lot of health issues & severe chronic migraines. I can't work & my income is only $950 monthly
  • Patricia 03/01/2023 18:55:02
    I have seizures do I qualify and do I have to pay?
  • Amjeanette Millner 02/25/2023 10:39:30
    I have glaucoma And I stress
  • george 01/23/2023 08:35:33
    i have back injury and need help with sleeping along with congestive heart failure
  • Kimberly Phillips-Walster 01/20/2023 09:23:25
    My daughter has extreme health conditions and is unable to work. We are trying for disability at the moment. She has no income, and we would very much like to renew her card for free. I will check with the insurance she has however, she is on state insurance so I would she would qualify and has a litany of complex health issues. She has her medical card now but will need to be renewed in May. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreicated!
  • Lisa Hermankevich 11/12/2022 11:18:42
    I have seizures
  • Tom 10/03/2022 09:05:17
    That is, do I understand correctly that you do not issue free MMJ cards in the usual sense of the word? I just have to ask a few people to apply for a card through a referral link and wait until they use your services. And as soon as the amount is on the balance, I can buy a card for myself without spending a penny from my own wallet. By "free" do you mean this process?
  • Joseph Lee 07/21/2022 19:40:53
    hello im joseph i was wondering about a mmj card ive been in four wheeler accadent the troubles after accadent high anxeity head engery nerve damage and anxeity
  • Thomas Johnson 07/10/2021 04:52:07
  • Sean 06/30/2021 03:21:41
  • Aaliyah Turner 05/12/2021 11:52:27
    I suffering from brain cancer and have asthma and PSTD neavers damage and sizuers need a medical marijuana card I have medcaide medcicare full coverage
  • Becky Austin 04/23/2021 15:35:49
    I have severe RA and osteoarthritis I don’t sleep and I really don’t want all these pain pills
  • Robert aaron 02/02/2021 04:37:21
    I have glaucoma and both eyes and yes I do live in pa
  • Juan perez 01/21/2021 14:35:16
    I have really bad lower back pain and it help me out at night to sleep
  • Margaret Martinez 01/18/2021 23:59:55
    Well when I was like 6 or 7 yrs old I was Molested by my grandpa and I never told nobody cause my grandpa told me not too all these yrs went by and my in December 24,1993 my mom pasted away so for Four months I was sick dr.didnt know what was wrong with me but my grandma told me to go to cemetery and talk to my mom so that my mom can R.I.P. so I did told my mom everything .i guess I always wonder why my grandpa did that but I was always in trouble at the house I always fighting with my sisters and my brother and when I turned 18 I started smoking it makes me feel relax and calm I wasn’t mad at my sisters or my brother but I didn’t like what my grandpa done to me but I loved my grandpa I just feel like if I don’t have the weed I start getting headaches and then I get mad I know I have to have it.
  • Eric Hays 01/09/2021 16:16:12
    i use medical cannabis for my suppressed eating, and anxiety at night due to homelessness in Los Angeles CA.
  • Crystal Anna Leuschke 11/29/2020 15:05:03
    I live in Missouri I have currently left an abusive relationship I suffer from ptsd and I have had bad anxiety n depression and been on meds since I was young. I cannot afford to get a card I really would benefit from it.

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