Despite the fact that at the beginning of the research of Dr Molina, hypotheses were put forward that cannabis as a medicine to alleviate the condition of AIDS patients would not give a positive effect or even its harm would be more beneficial, the results of the study were discouraging.

With regular use of medical marijuana, the number of lymphocytes in the blood of patients not only not decreased, but also began to grow. This effect was especially noticeable in the early stages of treatment. According to the doctor, this result does not show the first study, and a strong link between the immunodeficiency virus and medical marijuana as therapy has already been proven. AIDS was once called a plague of XX century.

This disease is potentially fatal. Its appearance is bounded with rogue-virus HIV that makes a destructive influence on the cells of the immune system, thus the man becomes unarmed and has no defence from any infection. And that is a deadly condition at last. AIDS is spread through human liquid contact with a blood circle. It means you can get it through lactation, sex, blood transfusion, or just by negligence while contacting with the blood of an infected person.

Though, saliva is an exception from that list. The main symptomatic of AIDS is similar to any infection but they are stable during the whole life of a patient and have aggravation periods. As Anthony Perkins said once, he learned more about love, courage and humanity when got infected with AIDS.

Main Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Pain in joints
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Exanthema
  • Regular headache
  • Night fever and sweating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bruises on the body.

An up-to-day list of prescribed meds for HIV/AIDS sufferers includes such pharma as Prezista, Truvada, Norvir, Isentress. Those drugs have terrific effects that can run to patient’s death. Let’s take an example some effects Truvada has. It can cause difficulty breathing, oedema, lactic acidosis aggravation. Even light manifestations of side effects need emergency presence.

What Do Doctors Say About Treating AIDS With MMJ

Medical experts prove that the number of data that show the efficiency of MMJ treatment for pain, appetite loss or queasiness increases. Also, there is information that THC treatment tested on HIV-infected apes helped to increase the number of healthy immune cells. So that tests open new perspectives in disease modulation with cannabinoid therapy.

Dr. Donald Abrams states the group of patients having MMJ therapy with pills and cigar4ets including cannabinoids showed better results than those patients that got a placebo. The results of Dr. Molina’s investigation proved that MMJ therapy is really useful for patients with early stages of AIDS. It decreases viral load and slows HIV progress.

If you are diagnosed with AIDS, we can help you to get permission for legal MMJ therapy. It will take only a few minutes for you to get 420 evaluation from our doctors. And you have no need in a personal meeting – all the evaluations and recommendations are performing online in a confidential mode.


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